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The One and Only Organic Waste

Treatment and Processing Technology

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PowerCube - Technical Data


Description Specification
Isolated operation possible? Yes
Parallel mains operation possible? Yes
Heat extraction possible? Yes, as an option
Biogas as motor fuel possible? Yes, as an option

Design of Performance Parameters

Description Specification
Photovoltaic-System (mounted on container itself) from 2.5 kWPeak up to 15 kWPeak
Photovoltaic-System (externally mounted) in addition up to 45 kWPeak
Battery Storage from 10 kWh up to 230 kWh
Peak Performance from 10 kW up to 90 kW
Generator Power from 8 kW up to 32 kW
(in increments of 8 kW)
Possible Output Voltage 240 - 400 volts, 50 hertz
120 - 230 volts, 60 hertz
Note: However, any number of PowerCubes can operate in parallel mode to increase the total peak power.

Measurement and Weight

Description Specification
Length 6,058 Meter
Width 2,438 Meter
Height 2,591 Meter
Weight up to 16 tons
(depends on equipment)


Description Specification
Battery Storage Free of maintenance
Control Units Free of maintenance
(see notes)
Photovoltaic system Free of maintenance
(see notes)
Motor Oil, airfilter
(Details see maintenance plan)
Generator Free of maintenance


Description Specification
Fuel tank volume app. 1,000 liter
Hot water tank volume at least 600 Liter
Hot water temperature 85° Celsius
Motor fuels Diesel, fuel oil, vegetable oil
Admixture of Biogas possible (see note)

Note about motor fuel

Admixture of Biogas:
Depending on the methane content of the Biogas, the admixture can be up to 60%.